Forever is Today

Forever is Today

by Angela L. Lindseth

He sits upon the hill, waiting for his love, wondering what became of her, why she doesn’t show. He searches the horizon for her fair form as nimbus clouds collide and threaten to douse his dreams and leave her forgotten.

She left him long ago when March hinted at spring and time was just a memory. Promises had been made, kisses exchanged. She said she would meet him on a starry night when all hope had scattered to the moon. He told her he would wait forever, until the end of days, and each evening finds him waiting, wanting, while her memory plays against his eyelids.

The time passes. Like the wind, it caresses his skin, melancholy touches dancing across his heart. The nights add, one upon the other, forming weeks, then months and years, but still he waits. Blurred and foggy, her image teases him, wanting to be remembered. The lines of her face blend and must be remembered from an old photograph he keeps in his pocket. His dreams of her fade like the sunset that he watches.

Every tear he sheds burns, a searing blade leaving hot trails of pain, ornaments of his loss. Her laugh he can’t recall. Too many days erased her notes and left him void of sound. The taste of her kiss has gone bland without a hint of passion, but still his heart is hers.

Another night he marches up the hill, trudging toward a spark of hope that this night will be the night he sees her again. He waits because forever has no meaning, that time doesn’t matter, that his heart will hold no other.

He stares into the stars and breathes a final breath. Forever has an ending. Forever is today.

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Angela L. Lindseth
Thirty years ago Angela played with the idea of a book while looking out from an abandoned fire tower in the Black Hills of South Dakota. Since that time, she has stumbled her way through life. She obtained her Geological Engineering degree but ditched that for an electrician’s license. She’s worked a variety of jobs but never found the one that fit. Finding her calling has opened her imagination and a multitude of words have poured onto the page. Her flash fiction ranges from dark and twisted, to sad and sappy. For more of her work visit her website and Facebook author page.

11 thoughts on “Forever is Today

  1. Lyrical, as Charles points out. Generally well done, though the content (not the style) of the opening paragraph is a bit wobbly. And in the opening of second paragraph, “…time was just a memory” doesn’t work, maybe “…time was just a dream.” But the pain resonates with C. S. Lewis’ agony in A Grief Observed, when he realizes he is reshaping the memory of his lover–thus losing her again. AGB

  2. I enjoyed this very much. The final lines really make the whole piece. I did a longer piece with a similar sentiment, but a completely different style. It’s good to know these feelings are universal enough that they are carried through well by different authors using different techniques. Thank you for writing this. I am now more for having read it.

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