I need to take a break. Submissions are suspended until probably August 15th. Check back then. Les Weil



Need we say that the work must be your own? Previously published work is per our request only. Previous publication on your own website is okay.

We publish flash fiction with the word count between 250 and 1200. More or less is a hard sell. PLEASE NOTE CHANGE IN WORD COUNT.

Once a week I will publish a short story, between 1200 and 5000 words.

Submit only one story at a time.

All genres are acceptable, but no fan fiction or stories based on copyrighted characters (ie Batman etc). Explicit sex and gross violence for violence’s sake is best left for another site.

Avoid song lyrics, unless you can show that they are in the public domain. Please no stories which feature living public figures as characters, although a passing mention is acceptable.

We assume first publication rights for stories accepted. Copyrights are retained by the author. We would appreciate acknowledgement if your story is reprinted elsewhere.

No simultaneous submissions, but expect to receive an answer within two weeks, almost always sooner. If you have not received an answer within two weeks, please email a query to

Although it seems almost an insult, considering the time involved writing and editing a story, authors receive an honorarium $3 per story accepted ($5 for Short Stories). Payment is via Paypal.

SUBMIT your story here.  If you do not hear back within a week, contact me HERE.

 STOP!! Reread your story. Be patient about pushing that ‘Submit’ button. You only get one chance before the editor hits his ‘Reject’ button.

Well…yes, I know we don’t actually have a ‘Submit button’, but the previous advice is still valid.