This is a True Story

This is a True Story

by Gerardo Posada

It is well known that Jesus had many followers in his time. That he also had plenty of imitators and fanatics. Men would let their hair grow shoulder length and also grow a beard, exactly like His. They would also wear white robes to look even more alike their Master. It is also widely known that his followers, his community of followers knew, about the rumours of their Master’s resurrection from among the dead on the third day after the crucifixion. Of course, all of them were present at that terrible moment.

Some of them fled to the desert; others, like the 12 disciples stayed in the city and mourned their Lord. One of them was running some errands when suddenly he came across a man who looked and dressed exactly like Jesus. The disciple fell on his knees and extended his arms towards the heavens: “Is that you, Master?” “Yes, my son,” the man answered. The disciple reached for his Master’s hand, and not feeling any scars left from the nails he got away and yelled: “Guards! This man claims he’s the son of God!” The synagogue guards took the man and shut him up, for good.

When the disciple met the others, he related his experience. One of them said: “The same thing happened to me with a man that had the same looks as our Master’s, and he even had the scars from hands and feet, but no cut on the side. The synagogue guards took care of him,” they all sighed.

In the evening of the third day, a man appeared at their door, it was their Master! This time it had to be him, he was the only one who could have an idea of their whereabouts. They always tried to keep this information away from the fanatics. They asked the man to prove he was Jesus, he showed and let them touch his wounds. They were real. While they touched his wounds, some tears came rolling down the man’s face. This time I went too far imitating the deeds of our beloved Master, he thought to himself, these wounds are killing me like a motherfucker!

“Look!” the disciples said, “he’s crying with joy of being reunited with us!”

After a night of intense celebration, their Master took leave from them, and while still full of the spirit they had been drinking during the night, they saw Jesus walking away from their hut in the desert. There was an incredibly wild sand storm outside, and thus, the Lord left wrapped in clouds.

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Gerardo Posada
Gerardo Posada born in Hell Salvador (El Salvador), raised to serve the machine, he escaped fate, at least part of it. At the age of 22 when he decided to become everyone and everything at the same time, carry a book as a sword, and fire words instead of bullets. He is based in London, searching inspiration wherever she may take him.

2 thoughts on “This is a True Story

  1. A myth-mocking myth. The end of the first paragraph needs some work: the terrible event probably refers to the crucifixion, but could be taken to refer to the resurrection. Perhaps the fourth paragraph could open “In the evening of the third day another man…” Perhaps, too, the italicized thought deserves its own paragraph. The humor may upset some believers, but that is doubtless the intent. AGB

    1. Thank you for the feedback and I applaud Les Weil for publishing this kind of writing that many unfortunately find offensive.

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