God Has Lost All Say In The Matter

God Has Lost All Say In The Matter

by Michael Tyler
Clay sits on a swivel chair and drunkenly enjoys its simple delight. Charlotte smiles and hands him another pill, graciously received it is added to the mix.

Charlie bites her lip as she smiles once more and dares not reveal her thoughts. Clay taps rhythm on the bar counter as “God Only Knows” begins its harmonious revelry.

Seth will not join them tonight and so all seems set for an evening of held hands and finger strokes. The choice is between “The Stomp” and “Army Of The Damned” and yet neither club suits the current mood awash in music, company and the curious combination of lust and pure adulation.

Clay stands and suggests a stroll to his dorm, his dorm mate is away and they will have the place to themselves. The Beatles “Love” awaits and the pills and the ambient lighting will provide the requisite mood for an evening of shared revelation.

A key in the door, the dorm is spick and span and the scent of vanilla hangs in the air. A finger strokes a palm as they enter, the CD player plays as the dimmer switch is put to use.

“Ecstasy was first known as Empathy,” whispers Charlie.

“Empathy is far more accurate a description,” whispers Clay in return.

Charlie notes the coke on the counter top but pretends she has not. Clay lies back on the bed and removes his shirt. Charlie entwines herself as Clay strokes the nape of her neck.

John and Paul complete each other’s phrases as Clay and Charlie close their eyes and are taken away…

◊ ◊ ◊

Michael Tyler
Michael Tyler writes from a shack overlooking the ocean just south of the edge of the world. He has been published in several literary magazines and plans a short story collection some time before the Andromeda Galaxy collides with ours and…


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