Old Friends

Old Friends

by Tammie Saiki

I know where the homing beacon is and how to signal it if I want to return to our ancestral home. I have never signalled it yet, and neither has anybody else in our group. Nobody here on Earth can detect our beacon; it’s in another dimension the people here have theorized about, but have not been able to discover. Actually, it will be awhile before they find it, the scientific knowledge of people here on Earth is still so young.

They would probably hate being called young, even though they strive to be, with every ounce of their currency. They are young in terms measured by the Universe’s age. They measure the age of everything from the beginning of what they call the Big Bang. To us, it was just a minor puff in one part of the true Universe; if in fact, the Universe is not even bigger or older.

Our system of planets had watched and waited to see what would evolve from the chaos which always arises from a space inversion, such as the Terrans called the Big Bang. Space has an energy pulse running through it like a wave. When it hits a cluster of dense matter the pulse can flip the matter over just like when a canoe is capsized on a lake during rough weather. When the canoe is flipped back up, however, it is still a canoe, but when the pulse passes through matter, it is no longer the same. It has been reorganized into different shapes, as if the canoe when righted is no longer a canoe, but a collection of bird houses.

Once enough time had elapsed for viable planets to form to support life, we came over to see what happened. The planets were beautiful, they were given enough of a kinetic push by the energy pulse to form plant and animal life we had never seen before. We wanted to explore and cherish that life, but knew we shouldn’t take it from its birth cradle. It would only flower best in the soil of its home world. We had waited until after the mighty dinosaurs died off before making our home here. Some of us stayed and never looked back. The ships we came in left a beacon for us to signal if we ever desired to return home. We were not a large group at first, but we flourished in the years that followed. Many groups broke off and travelled around the Earth and forgot about the stars. The longing, however, in some of us remained; we remember the stars, the beacon, and our original home.

In coming to the new planet from another dimension was not as easy as it sounds, you can only move living matter; we could not bring any of our technology with us, only our knowledge. Several of the groups who travelled to the different parts of the world forgot about their origins on purpose. They wanted to embrace their stewardship of the planet with a full heart; not one torn between two worlds. They grew and changed as did we to fit our home and its requirements.

My small group and I, kept up contact and belief in the ships, and our other home using the ability of our ‘third eye’ to contact the beacon. We wished to be able to access higher knowledge to help if the need ever arose.

We have been here since the beginning. No, we are not aliens, not in the classical sense; with enlarged heads, black almond shaped eyes and gray naked bodies. We are humans; in fact, we were the first to colonize the Earth, there have been no others. Yes, we have lived in different parts and evolved to fit this beautiful world, but that is how it is done. We move among the stars, searching out planets. Some of us remember where we first came from, and can contact our home world; others of us have forgot about our previous life and are now Terran who know nothing else but this world.

No, there is no need for fear, we won’t take over the planet; we already did. We are humans, just like you: we have no desire to fight, it would only lead to hurting our brothers and sisters who have forgotten their connection to the stars.

We are no different, we are old friends. That is why each night I go to sleep secure in the knowledge that I’m staying. I was born here. I love my home planet Earth.

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Tammie Saiki

Tammie Saiki is a retired high school teacher playing in a new sandbox. She loves reading science fiction and fantasy ever since she was a little girl so long ago. Since retiring she has needed something to do to keep her grey matter active.

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