Would He Dare?

Would He Dare?

 by Susan Condon

Walking towards the office, he blew into his hands, sniffing to ensure the alcohol fumes weren’t too strong. It probably wouldn’t do in his first month, he thought, even if it was a bank holiday and he was one of the few skeleton staff expected to work. Just as he noticed his blood encrusted index finger, a hand grabbed onto his arm.

“Jack, isn’t it?”

His heart skipped a beat, but his dark eyes softened as they rested on the petite, blue-eyed blonde. He’d noticed her when he’d attended his first interview. She was hard to miss.

“I was calling you,” she gasped, “you dropped this.”

She held a leather wallet towards him.

“Thanks, Lucy.” He smiled warmly, “I didn’t even realise it was gone. I’d be lost without it.”

Extending his hand to take the wallet he noticed her frown.

“Is that . . .”

He grabbed the wallet from her, his fingers pushing the lock of blonde hair between its folds, before shoving it into the inside pocket of his jacket.

She looked confused as they entered the empty office block in silence and waited at the lift.

“After you,” said Jack, standing back.

She hesitated, for just a moment, but enough for him to realise that she was feeling uneasy. Yet she entered anyway.

“Did you have a good weekend, Jack?” Her smile was a grimace, her red lips wavering as she attempted to paste it in place.

“I did,” he replied, pondering. Would he dare?

The doors slid closed. He blinked, pressed B for the basement, resting his index finger on the button longer than was necessary.

“But sometimes, I find Mondays can be even more enjoyable,” he said, looking into her eyes, where realisation dawned.
Susan Condon
Susan Condon, a native of Dublin, is currently working on her second novel. Her short stories have won numerous awards including first prize in the Jonathan Swift Creative Writing Award. Publications include My Weekly, Ireland’s Own Anthology, Flash Flood Journal, Spelk and Flash Fiction Magazine. Susan blogs at: www.susancondon.wordpress.com You can find her on Twitter: @SusanCondon or check out her crime fiction reviews and interviews on www.writing.ie

8 thoughts on “Would He Dare?

  1. Now this is how good flash fiction is done — real characterization that unfolds within a real plot. The shock at the end is so subtle, it gets under your skin before you realize it. Not easy to do in such a short space, but this one did it nicely.

  2. The ending open, but with unmistakable implication, is terrific. The ploy of distracting attention from the crusted blood with the smell of booze is crafty and skillful. And the questions raised by the errant blonde lock provoke chills. Really good work. AGB

  3. Amazing work. You feel yourself as one of the characters within the book. Looking forward to to more.

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