Arachnids and Phobias

Arachnids and Phobias

by Haydn T A Jones

Larry was passing through the large tunnel. He had a job, an important one at that. He was rather plump in his body but had very muscular arms. He didn’t mind his appearance and liked to think no one else did either, except of course the beasts. He arrived at the exit and stopped dead.

Kergoasket City had been peaceful before they came, people would roam freely, come and go as they please. But these beasts were vicious murderers, every time anyone moved they risked their lives. It was two of these beasts that had made Larry stop. It was risky, but the job was important. He looked left and right before making a dash for it. He was halfway there when one the beasts spotted him. It stood to its full height and roared. The other did likewise. Their roar had summoned a larger beast, it charged around the corner. Larry only had a quarter of the way to go. SPLAT!

* * *

The girls liked it at the Kergoasket house, it had quite a lot of bugs but they had bug spray, newspapers and shoes to deal with them. At the moment they were playing in the front room with the new toys they had bought at the shop. Kate looked up from what she was doing to see a large spider halfway across the floor. She screamed and stood up backing out of the room, Sally did likewise.

Their father, Barry, came rushing round the corner, upon seeing the spider three quarters of the way across the floor he shouted, “Oh my, that’s big,” before promptly squishing it with his shoe. SPLAT!

The girls re-entered the room were the spider had been. Giving off a sigh of relief they resumed their game.

◊ ◊ ◊

Haydn T A Jones
Haydn Jones is a new author living in the UK. He enjoys science fiction and drinking tea. He has a pet snake and two annoying guinea pigs. He one day hopes to build a working android.

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  1. With eight eyes or so, wouldn’t Spidey always be looking both right and left? Just wondering. And what was that job? Weaving, maybe a French twist? And the tunnel…did he live in the drain? Lots to think about. AGB

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