A Burnt Offering

A Burnt Offering

by Carl Fox

By the gods, what had they done?

The priests cowered in fear, feeling the heat advancing towards them. All they could think of was why did they do it?

Last year’s crop failed miserably. As ordained from the ancient ways, the giant had to be built, laden with sacrifices, and burnt at the dawning of spring for a new, fuller, healthier crop. No innocent blood was to be burnt. Only fruits and vegetables, and even meat. Offer what little they had to receive the great bounty.

In moments of dire need, guilty blood was burnt. The criminals, those who murdered and raped, the removal of the cancers to bring on the ripeness.

But last year, not even the screams and burnt flesh of criminals was enough.

As the wicker giant was erected, the branches woven together, one priest brought forth the drugged sacrifice to place inside. A sacred virgin, intended that spring to be the bride of the Lord’s son. Surely enough to please the gods

Under cover of darkness, so none saw the dark deed, the wicker giant was lit. The flames rose, engulfing all, rising to the pointed head to reach the gods. The girl screamed to life, only to die.

Then it lived. The wicker giant moved, stumbling towards the priests. The hills blazed to life as the giant stalked the priests. In the flaming body, the eyes of the gods burned, seeing the priests and what they did.

Balance will be restored. The darkness burnt out.

Carl Fox
Born and raised in South Wales, Carl Fox lives with his fiancée and their two daughters. As a pagan with a deep interest in the occult and ancient mythologies, Carl tries to use as much of this as he can in his writing. All his stories will be part of what is known as the Wellworlds mythology. A singular mythology that all work focuses on, almost mirroring the Norse idea of Yggdrasil, the tree that all worlds are connected to. This is a life-long work that he is deeply focused on. You can follow Carl on: Facebook at https://facebook.com/  Twitter at @CarlFox49 and http://www.amazon.co.uk/Carl-

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  1. I enjoy stories like this one. The set up worked well and the end result had a nice creepy, yet justified feel to it.

  2. Strong piece. The twist on a Golem theme works really well. Might the first three lines work better positioned just before the last line? Just a thought. AGB

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