Technical Knockout in Testosterone Hell

Technical Knockout in Testosterone Hell

by Marc Shapiro

She walked into the Mexican bar. Ample chest straining the thin, silky cloth of her top. Hips doing the jump shake.

The woman wore way too much foundation and peroxide. She was not real easy on the eyes and she had been around the block a few times. She knew the score. Any man with a smile, a line and the price of a drink could have her any night of the week. Except this one. Because this night was fight night.

And the men fresh off their dead end jobs, dead end pay and just plain rotten lives were directing their testosterone toward television screens that glowered down on them with the images of two middleweights.

They threw punches. They drew blood. The men sat at hypnotic attention, beers gripped tightly in deeply tanned hands as ribs were broken and nose cartilage cracked.

The woman sighed. She knew this night she could not give it away. She downed the last of the drink she had bought herself, shook her ass one more time at the disinterested crowd and wandered out into the night.

Alone. Untouched.

As the men cheered a fifth round TKO.

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Marc Shapiro

Marc Shapiro actually makes a living doing this. Don’t tell the authorities.

8 thoughts on “Technical Knockout in Testosterone Hell

  1. The men are too engrossed in watching a pair of sweaty, heavily muscled fellows in satin shorts punch each other to a bloody pulp to want to have sex with the whore. Wasn’t that the plot of The Velveteen Rabbit?
    Just kidding! Nice, gritty tale.

  2. Al Olinde
    Well done. Testosterone can go to either,but sad that it goes to violence instead of sexual love. Great writing
    A lot of thought and feeling compressed into short story. Title? i suppose all men are in various ways in testosterone hell.

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