Kinda Over

Kinda Over

By Thomas Cannon

In the past year, he had waited longer for someone to answer the door than for his turn at auditions. The mansions with a front gate like this one were the worst. He recognized its gold bars with two silver guitars on it from an album cover and almost had enough time to figure out which one by the time someone buzzed him in.


A barefoot girl with a tattoo sleeve let him in. Brian nodded to her. “Nice house.”

She led the way to the kitchen. “I’m house-sitting for my mother.”

He saw then that this girl looked like Jessica Gold. “You’re Sugar Anne.  I grew up listening to your mom.”

“Really. I grew up not listening to her. Look, I have this little dilemma. I don’t have the cash.”

“Yeah right. Jessica Gold sold more records than Madonna.”

“For my supposed own good, she cut me off. No trust fund. No allowance.”

“So then what do you do?”

“Sell gossip about Mom. But everyone’s kinda over her.”

“You gotta pay.”

She reached over to a pile of 8 x 10 photographs. “These go for five bucks on Ebay. I thought I could give you ten of them.”

“What is my boss going to say?”

She shrugged her shoulders.

“He’ll fire me.” Through the window he saw her friends around the pool. No one in the water. No one was even wearing a swimsuit. They looked like wet towels draped over the patio furniture.

“Fine,” he said. Going home to Sheboygan didn’t seem so bad if he did get fired.

She scooped up the stack of pizzas. “And grab a few autographs for a tip.”

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Thomas Cannon
Thomas Cannon’s story about his son is the lead story in the anthology Cup of Comfort for Parents of Children with Autism. He also has his humorous novel The Tao of Apathy available on Amazon. His poems and short stories have been published in many print and electronic journals.

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