The Intruder

Intruder houseThe Intruder

A Serial in Five Parts

Episode 1

She came instantly awake, heart beating fast. She lay in the dark listening to the sounds of the house. Everything was quiet. What had awakened her. A noise? The house gave back only silence as she held her breath and listened intently, trying to hear over the beating of her heart. Why was her heart beating so fast?

Drawing back the blankets, she swung her feet over the side of the bed. Without a sound, she moved to the open bedroom door and again held her breath, listening. Fifteen seconds felt like hours. Then she heard it: a thud, and the scrape of table leg. Someone had bumped into the hall table at the foot of the stairs.

Someone was in the house.

It couldn’t be Robert. He and Davy wouldn’t be home till day after tomorrow. He had called from LA earlier that evening. Someone else was in the house. Her heart raced and she struggled to control the panic. She moved back into the room, groped for the phone by the bed, knocking it to the floor. The thud as it hit the wood floor was alarmingly loud to her. Feeling in the dark, she found the receiver, and pulled the rest of it to her by the cord. Breathlessly she held the phone to her ear. No dial tone.

Had she broken it when she dropped it, or had someone cut the wire. If they had cut the wire, they weren’t just a simple burglar. She was in trouble. Their lot was large. There were no neighbors close enough to hear her if she screamed. Robert had locked her pistol in the gunsafe downstairs in the den. Her cell phone was charging in the kitchen.

Oh God.

To be continued



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