Terror Is It

by Norman Marcotte

Jonathan knew his marketing campaign was a success when he overheard a conversation in an airport that confirmed his latest poll.

“My sister-in-law is petrified of ISIS,” the older lady confessed to a younger man. “She is afraid they will come, take their family away and put them in concentration camps. I think we need more troops over there.”

Jonathan pulled out his cell phone and dialed the senator. “It is now time for the next phase,” he instructed. “You’ll get enough support to push the new anti-terrorist bill through. We’ll work on phase three and the lucrative contracts after.”

Norman Marcotte

Norman Marcotte is an aspiring writer who attempts to get people to say: “I did not see that coming.” He has previously published in Saturday Night Reader and 101 Words.

4 thoughts on “Terror Is It

  1. The Long Kiss Goodnight (Forge/New line Cinema 1996) [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N1vwjFhF4dA].

    A pain for Flash Fiction 19 years later, but we, as writers, need to be aware of what already exists in the mainstream media (fiction and speculation) and imprint our own special twist on it.

    1. I agree Perry that if we do not provide something new, then we need to provide fresh twists to what already exists. I actually love The Long Kiss Goodnight. My inpiration for this flash fiction was a conversation I heard where the comment made by the older lady in the story was actually made.

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